//35 skills to boost your online business to success in 2020

35 skills to boost your online business to success in 2020

We begin a crucial month to reconsider our past, present and future, to learn from what we have done, analyze who we are now, and visualize who we want to be in the short, medium and long term. But above all, it is an important moment to make decisions about: what are we going to do to achieve our goals in the new year 2020? And precisely thinking about what many people, like me and like you, businessmen and entrepreneurs, need to learn to meet goals, I have decided to write about the skills to boost your online business to success in the new year.

So without any delay, let’s discuss the necessary skills required to operate an online business.

What does an online business need to be successful in 2020?

Many confuse success with the number of figures they manage to score. I will be honest, money can fill you with joy, but for that, you need to know how to handle it, be realistic and work well on your expectations. Not all millionaire people on the planet are successful because not all are happy.

So, yes, your business needs to score more, sell more, reach more people … but if you really want to have a successful online business you need to go one step further, you need to have results that you are proud of, with which you are happy, and Thanks to which you help other people: customers and employees. PEOPLE, that is the key to your business to truly become a successful experience! 

In summary, what your online business needs to be successful is:

  • Sales
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Happy customers
  • Happy employees
  • Your mindset

But let’s not go through the branches. As much as we know that not everything is money, it is also true that drawing a smile on our face is also not the definitive solution for all our problems, much less to carry out an online business. What you need to achieve all this is to develop new skills to boost your online business to success. Do you want to know which ones? Continue reading…

What skills do you need to boost your online business to success?

Next, I list and explain the 35 skills that I consider most important today to really make a business work on the Internet.

1 | Create and design landing pages and sales pages

Achieving a sale on the Internet depends largely on how you present your product or service to potential customers. In the offline world, the shop windows of the stores manage to attract the public to enter and contemplate everything that the business has for them, the clerk explains each product, its benefits, and shows how the item in question looks and works. Replacing that experience in the online world is somewhat complex but not impossible, and also really effective if you know how to do it.

The key is to design good landing pages ( landing pages where users arrive to meet you from social networks or ads) and sales pages ( sales pages whose objective is to convert from user to client). The complicated part of this is that a good design does not sell by itself, nor a good copy or UX … you need everything to have a perfect page that really fulfills its mission!

2 | Make advertising campaigns and optimize your investments

It is likely that you have already made your first steps in online advertising. Campaigning on Facebook or Google Ads is not really complicated, the platforms themselves give us great tools, such as the Google Ads Keyword Planner or Facebook for Business. The reason is very simple, and they are interested in using the tools to invest a large part or even all your advertising investment in them.

But … who really helps you optimize your budget? To make your investment more profitable and get more results? That’s where the people and marketing agencies that have extensive experience come into play and invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in online advertising a year, as my agency Converts More ?

3 | Sell ​​through Social Networks

At some point in my life, I have heard things of the type: social networks do not serve to sell, just to make branding, have an online presence, do customer service, avoid communication crisis … And this has made me think about the number of people they invest their time and money in caring for their networks, and they even know how to generate quality content, but they don’t really know how to draw up a strategy in them to sell. 

I can assure you that I have sold and sell daily on social networks. I have lived experiences that may seem incredible but are totally true. I know what it is to post a story on Instagram just before taking a flight, arriving at my destination, and meeting the surprise of having billed thousands of $. And it hasn’t happened to me once, I assure you.

“Selling on the Internet through social networks is possible, you just need to follow validated strategies”

4 | Get web traffic

Getting your website, landing pages or sales pages to be seen by a large number of people (even better if they are your customer profile), is a combined work where many elements come into play: SEO, advertising, design, copywriting, funnels, automation…

Without a doubt, the scope of your digital business will depend largely on your ability to get traffic in a way that is focused on your goals and audience.

5 | Design content that catches the attention of your audience

It will not be necessary for you to do a master’s degree in design, but you do learn to handle the linguistic and expressive resources in trend, the latest features that the Internet and the social media that allow us to capture the attention of increasingly demanding audiences. Infoxication is a reality. Remember that no matter how much your content has, if it doesn’t really attract attention, it won’t reach the eye or the mind of your potential client.

Branding, the meaning of colors and shapes, the power of photography, copywriting, and above all, the latest video, gifs and formats such as Instagram stories or Tik Tok publications are key to achieving your goal

6 | Write texts that persuade

Words have enormous power. Knowing which one to choose and use it at the right time and place is the key. The copywriting will help you get the attention of your customers and connect with them, persuade and help them find solutions to their problems. 

7 | Position your content on Google

When you have a problem, what do you do? You search on Google! And what do you think your customers do? The same! It’s that simple.

When someone looks for a solution that has to do with what you offer, there you must be! And how to achieve it?  Working quality content 100% related to your business and that answer common questions from your potential customers. That together with knowing how to use the right words, the language that your client uses, the most searched keywords, get quality external links, etc.

8 | Automatically capture leads

There are thousands of systems through which you can automate lead acquisition, that is, contact details of people who have a suitable profile to become customers. And of course we could use the seller’s system of a lifetime, that of speaking, speaking and speaking until finally they give us their personal data for not listening anymore. But the problem is that on the Internet, this does not work. Getting someone to click on a url is a step, but getting them to give us their personal data is going one step further. And if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to cut the conversation, you just have to click and close the window.

That is why capturing leads does not only depend on knowing how to make good landing pages to capture leads, it depends on everything else, on knowing how to connect properly, educate your potential clients and convey the right message to be considered the solution to their problems, to provide value, and to offer small free incentives in exchange for that data. 

And not only that, is that the Internet allows us to automate the entire system so that at the same time that the user gives us their data we can thank you with an email and we can send you our free incentive instantly, and all this without having to do it manually or invest time.

9 | Take advantage of audiovisual language and its enormous benefits to educate and convince

The video remains the king of content, its ability to communicate and surprise is indisputable: moving image, sound, effects, voice, music and even subtitles for those who navigate with devices without activating audio.

YouTube has a great power, but also the own video in social networks and different formats is key to achieve a better relationship with the audience and reach new audiences. But knowing how to take advantage of this power of audiovisual language, positioning your videos, creating fast videos and other more complex ones depending on the objective, is something you must learn to avoid being forgotten on the Internet.

10 | Analyze web traffic and your customers to optimize your strategy

If you spend the day working and doing things but you never stop to measure and analyze … stop! We often invest time in things because we take it for granted that they work and are profitable but … have you checked? Google Analytics, social media analytics and other tools, or the Google Dashboard that you can create, will help you analyze actions, results, objectives, strategies … and thus be able to optimize your business to devote time to what really works. 

11 | Manage and motivate your team

Little is said about the management of internal staff, how to properly organize teams and tasks, to motivate them with more than just a salary at the end of the month, to manage good internal communication, to establish priorities and for the whole team to see each other. immersed in the company culture. Many people think that this has nothing to do with income, but I assure you it is.

It depends on the work they develop, their involvement, their constancy and commitment. Believe me that if you don’t catch up and work to create a good work ecosystem, it won’t take you long to start reading on topics such as the talent crisis, how to retain employees, etc. Customers are not the only important people in your company.

12 | Manage projects

Organizing tasks and equipment in a balanced way to be able to carry out projects is also essential. And, the important thing about a project is not only that it goes ahead and successfully, it is that the process is satisfactory for all involved. Believe me that everyone knows what a punctual effort is or not sleeping one night to have a launch ready, but as long as it is rarely counted and learning from past mistakes.

Part of the idea that your team loves their work, but they need to have a leader who manages the projects properly so as not to fall into workflow problems, lack of information, inactivity, etc.

13 | Manage your business finances

I know, many entrepreneurs have external consultants to take all the paperwork … because it’s a horror! But in the beginning, it can come in handy to know how to do our own efforts ourselves, and once we trust and release this task into professionals, we cannot completely forget them! And why not? Because the last person in charge of everything, is you, and what is worse … if you release them completely it is possible that in your head it is no longer clear what is the real balance of your business, what is the cash, what are the sales, income, expenses … There are some basic ones that you should always keep in mind!

14 | Create and launch your personal brand

The power of brands is abysmal, but that of personal brands … incredibly profitable!

You don’t need to conceptualize ideas from scratch, you don’t really need to invent anything, you just have to be yourself, show yourself to the world as you are, and share what you know. The more transparent and authentic the better. But if in addition to all this you add some touches of professionalism (your logo, web, blog, typography, colors, minimal presence in social networks …) it will not take long to start reaping results.

15 | Riding a podcast

Voice is a booming trend, voice searches and Alexa-like smart speakers are populating entrepreneurship and development ideas in recent years, and everything points to the fact that in 2020 it will continue to be an asset in important development.  Running a successful podcast is one of the best skills needed to run an online business.

And what can you do with your voice to boost your business? Well, launch yourself to the creation of voice content! A podcast is a tool that has resurfaced from its ashes in recent years. And although it may seem that its production is complex, the truth is that being a podcaster is much simpler than YouTubers or the like. You only need your voice! (and some tricks that I like to give). I launched my podcast in early 2019 and I am happy with the results it is giving me!

16 | Make your social media plan

Stop publishing every day what is happening to you and trace your plan, a plan focused on the objectives you really want to achieve. Find out what networks you should be in to connect with your potential customers, what content works the most. Measure, optimize, change and start over with better and better results every time.

17 | Make your marketing plan

And the same goes for marketing in general. One-week plans to sell everything you haven’t sold in the previous months are over. Make your plan for 2020, a general plan with basic elements and then land more concrete plans on a quarterly and monthly basis. Without a doubt, they are small details that are noticed in the results.

18 | Use basic email marketing tools like Mailchimp

Email marketing is a powerful tool for your business, do not hesitate. From the creation of communities that remain in the expectation of your newsletters, the recovery of abandoned shopping carts, the creation of challenges through emails, the generation of lead through the automatic download of lead magnets … there are so many the things that can be done with just one account in Mailchimp!

19 | Use advanced automation tools such as Active Campaign

To go one step further, to get your leads to really become customers, that is, to buy, there are more powerful tools for creating funnels like Active Campaign that you should learn to use as soon as possible. Until you know it in depth you will not be able to get an idea of ​​everything you can do for your business in the digital environment. Using advanced automation tools will improve your skills to boost your online business.

20 | Create sales funnels 

Sales funnels are not just a matter of knowing how to use a tool like Active Campaign, you also need strategy and funnels tested by experts that already work and you just have to replicate and adapt!

21 | Automate your business

Did you know that while you sleep, travel or take a vacation you may be generating income? Learn to automate your business with sales funnels, emails, advertising and much more.

22 | Create your omnichannel advertising plan

Not only the Internet live digital businesses, there is more, much more. And for everything to work perfectly, the client needs to be impacted by multiple channels with a coherent message wherever he goes. That is the omnichannel advertising and communication plan that you should learn to do and launch this same 2020.

23 | Segment and scale your advertising campaigns

You could continue to invest and invest more and more in your campaigns to achieve the same results as always or … invest in you, in training in segmentation, to optimize the results. What do you prefer?

24 | Create an evergreen webinar

We go in parts. As we have said in previous points: video works and automation works. And then what happens if you put both elements together? Well, you can create automated systems to capture leads and sales really incredible, and profitable!

An evergreen webinar is a system by which you set up your call for people to sign up for your webinar of timeless content and thus capture leads. 

25 | All Instagram tricks and strategies

Instagram is still the social network par excellence, and therefore it is important that you are aware of each novelty and functionality, as well as strategies that you can apply taking as inspiration to other brands that have worked for them.

26 | Create a successful blog to generate revenue

If you still don’t know how to generate income with your blog … it’s time! There are different business models and strategies, but without a doubt, for all the machinery to work and achieve results you need a lot of practical information for its real application.

27 | Create and manage a WordPress website

A large part of the websites and even online schools are managed through the CMS (Content Manager) WordPress. It is almost a standard, and therefore, if you want to create a website from 0, or you have your own WordPress website and every minimum change costs you a good investment in development, it is time for you to learn to manage this platform yourself.

28 | Create and launch an online course

Knowledge, everything you know, has enormous value for thousands of people. Can you imagine learning to transfer your main knowledge to an online course and sell it to those people who need it?

29 | Create and launch an automated school

Once you see the success of your course I am sure that you will want to create more and more, help more and more people, and that is when the creation of … your online school will come into play

30 | Use bots to capture leads and sell

Automated messages through bots such as Facebook is another great resource to sell, to make the users who contact you want to know more and know where to get it.

31 | Manage social networks efficiently

You can use social networks as common mortals, publishing when you want, whatever you want. But if you really want success in your business you need to learn to manage them like a true professional. It is likely that if you have a business of a certain caliber you have your own Community Manager to take the company’s social networks, but … who takes care of your personal brand?

32 | Do an audit on websites, social networks, blogs and other elements of your online business

Knowing where your company is from an online point of view, identifying problems and putting solutions is key to being able to implement the plan that will lead you to success. Before starting anything new, locate and solve past problems. 

33 | Create your content plan

The content is the basis to achieve your brand positioning, and from there, everything else comes: audiences, customers, super-fans of your brand … However, creating and managing content is a task that requires dedication and planning. Knowing what to share, where and how often it is key. Having your minimum content plan, and identifying the moment in which you must multiply your production, requires strategy.

34 | Boost your productivity

The day has 24 hours, and you should not dedicate them ALL to work or try to multiply the time that does not exist. Learning to boost your productivity and that of your team will help you to have a truly successful business, where work goes out on time and delivery flows do not end up being meaningless by lowering the quality level for marathon days.

35 | Sell more with retargeting

You still don’t know what retargeting is? Or maybe you know it but you really haven’t tried it, and therefore, you don’t get the idea of ​​everything you could sell more if you did. Making a purchase decision requires establishing many points of contact with a potential customer, rarely the sale is achieved at the first. And precisely retargeting is the one who is responsible for reminding our potential customers that we are there, that they have taken an interest in us, and that if they want to stop seeing our ads they just have to … buy!

What you need to achieve all this is training and not just any training, but a really practical one with real experiences, examples, case studies and developed by a people who have lived the same as you previously that will guide you to learn from Your mistakes and successes. 

Above mentioned skills will definitely boost your online business to success.

And there is still more! And if you are a business or marketing consultant, you have an agency or offer related services to your clients … you can learn all this to improve and expand your own services!

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